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There are approximately 33.2 million HIV-infected individuals worldwide. Of these, about 22.5 million are in the sub-Saharan Africa region where the prevalence of AIDS in adults is six percent. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that in the United States, through 2007, the number of people who died from AIDS was 583, 298. Of those, 4,891 were children under the age of 13. As of 2008, the CDC reports persons living with HIV was 1,106, 400. This figure comes from reporting cities with confidential name based reporting (which is but a fraction of the USA.) Seventy percent of HIV-infected people are between ages 25-49, 25 % are age 50 and older and 5% are between the ages of 13 and 24. Approximately 10,000 cases of HIV in the United States are estimated to be in children under the age of 13.


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