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HIV testing centers exist in nearly all counties, in all states in the U.S. However, most doctors do not routinely test for HIV during a yearly check-up. Therefore, if you are concerned that you may have been infected, you will need to ask to be tested for HIV. Many county health departments provide free and confidential clinics that test for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. If you are unsure where to go to be tested in your area, and you do not want to ask your family physician, visit the Center for Disease Control “CDC National HIV and STD Testing Resources” website. On their home page, you can enter your zip code and a mile range, which will bring up a page of testing sites near you.

The following should consider being tested for HIV:
Anyone who has had unprotected sex in the past with a partner whose status for HIV/AIDS was not known.
Any person who has been diagnosed with another STD.
Anyone who has had a new sexual partner within the past thirty days.
Any woman who is pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.
Anyone who has sex with multiple partners.
Anyone who is not consistently using condoms with new sexual partners(even condoms do not protect against infection 100 percent.)
Anyone who could have come into contact with infected blood. (needles from drug use, emergency medical responders).


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